Software Engineer (Jan 2020 to Present)

Joining at a critical time, I joined the Datto team to work on their eCommerce solution to deliver their partners a high quality experience when purchasing hardware and services for their clients.

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Datto Store

On the Datto Store team, we work together to build new features and add new products to the store while maintaining a strong focus on ensuring engineering quality both architecturally and in terms of procedures.


Third and Grove

Associate Architect (May 2015 to Jan 2020)

From my first professional Drupal project to leading 4 projects at once, this was where I differentiated myself from the typical developer by personal and team leadership in a agency environment.

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Hack The Moon (Draper)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo project, as part of the Third and Grove team, I took the reins for building a highly interactive Drupal 8 to host stories, biographies, and original media from the missions.

Drupal 8DrupalJSAcquia


This was the first large Drupal site that I was assigned at Third and Grove. I built out a large portion of improvements of support features like indexing community articles, support article improvements, and chat implementation.

DrupalDrupal 7Solr


As part of becoming a full fledged Software Architect, I represented Third and Grove, to help a team of 6 developers learn Drupal best practices like local development, code review, page components, all while building the new Solidworks site together on Drupal 8. This is also where I cut my teeth on learning about DevOps by setting up my first automatic composer deploy from self-hosted GitLab to custom hosting.

Drupal 8DrupalBricksCustom HostingDevOps

Drinks and Co

Building Pernod's first online shop, this is a three part project using Drupal, Symfony, and Shopify. This was one of the biggest tests I faced at Third and Grove including the intersection of so many technologies while writing and working closely with the client.

DrupalDrupal 8ShopifySymfonyPantheonHeroku


The fish taco chain enlisted the help of Third and Grove to support their Drupal 7 site. I took the lead to bring the project to bring it back to best standards, and taking on a large redesign on all fronts.

DrupalDrupal 7JSSassAcquiaContent Automation

AppleTree Institute

At Third and Grove, I dove into this Drupal 8 support project for an internal teacher scheduling tool to help teach preschoolers with curriculum customized on their needs.

DrupalDrupal 8

University of Massachusetts

Lab Assistant (Fall 2014)

While being a student, I found it important to help out my fellow students and being a lab assistant was an excellent method to do so.

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ECE112 Lab Kit

At University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I took over the task to write firmware for Arduino compatible hardware that 1st year students would assemble into working thermometer. I ran my own office hours where students would come in and I would work with them to teach them to debug their breadboard.


Personal Work

Department of Self Improvement

Technology was and still is my hobby. Building things just to make myself happy with my own progress is important. If I can help others, even better!

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A finalist hackathon project where we set out to control IoT devices within a 3D space using a VR pointing device, without the need for a headset. Using a clever architecture to minimize complexity of implementation while providing near endless expandability and compatibility, leaving implementation per vendor.

UnityPythonRaspberry PiRabbitMQReact Native


My portfolio is my playground to learn and try new things. It's current iteration is decoupled Drupal 8 site powered by Gatsby JS.

DrupalDrupal 8GatsbyJSDevOps

ReiNX Guide

To help a local developer of a Nintendo Switch Custom Firmware, I built a custom solution to deliver users nightly builds via a Drupal 8 site delivered by compiles from GitLab. All while providing concise instructions written by trusted community members through the CMS.

Drupal 8DrupalDevOpsCI/CDC